November 2010

Ode to Innocence

PLAY: Currently watching “Grown Ups” and I love it!

Theories on possible childish lifestyle for adults has a special place in my heart 😀


Colors Lunch: Fire roll from Teriyaki bowl on Oswell.
This is my first time ordering sushi roll from teriyaki bowl. I usually go to Ichiban on Oswell. I also tend to order sashimi when eating from sushi restaurants. My co-worker did the food run on this day. I must say this roll did not disappoint me.

Teriyaki Bowl vs. Ichiban
PRICE cheaper average
TO GO QUALITY better: packed neatly poor: their sashimi contains scales and fishbones

I have not been to Ichiban on Oswell for quite a while now due to unsatisfying – more like disgusting – experience.

Colors I would definitely go back to teriyaki bowl.

Colors Albertsons on White Ln.
I stopped by Albertsons after work today to pick up the movies that I rented from

Colors Where did the redbox machine go?

Colors It’s been moved to the other end. The entrance by the starbucks. Ah, so this is what redbox meant by A or B. They have 2 machines now, how convenient!

Colors I am glad I stopped by Albertsons. I’ve been meaning to get some bottle of wines to help put me to sleep. I have always had problems going to bed early. I am so nocturnal. Lately though, things seem to be getting worst. I have been going to bed around 3-4 am ish.

Colors One good thing about albertsons is that their “preferred card” is FREE! They also always have good deals on wine. I am not a wine connoisseur. I like to try new things and that includes new wines, especially good deals.

Colors Time for bed now. Goodnight.


Today I decided to take on the 30 Days of Truth – Creative Challenge as posted by Magic in the Backyard

Actually, I will have to get back on this one – the pre-set questions scare me.

Growing up I hated “Soap Operas” for 2 reasons: 1. I was a very inpatient child 2. I couldn’t stand the fact that the main characters are always so dumb and so stupid, and that the antagonistic characters are always so clever and so conniving.

I did not learn how realistic, in real life, these stereotypes are until recently. In my opinion, I think nice or good people can be very dumb and stupid because they tend to reason with their emotion over logic. Pity, is one, if not the major contributor to reasoning through emotions. Some people do take advantage of “nice and good people” once their kindness is recognized by their predator/s. I supposed that is why they are “nice and good people” because they are capable of forgiving?.

On the other hand,

OMG! Ok, this might sound weird but I used to sometimes put toothpaste to my old facial cleanser to have that relaxing menthol feel. I know noxzema had mentholly facial (I used to use one back in High School and have not found one from any store since years ago) but this one – neutrogena – gives you that smooth, relax and oh so alive skin cells feeling. You should try it!

I went to Kinko’s / Fedex on Stockdale Ave. today and I learned something new!
Tada! Their copier/printer machines now offer consumers the option of printing files from their flash drive or cell! That is so awesome! Of course, I did find out about this awesome, cool, great and wonderful option after printing 15+ pages of master copy from their 49 cents per page pc to printer on a highly durable and oh so glossy paper or primitive option for short.

Truxtun Extension

Truxtun Ave.

Truxtun Ave.

23rd St.

The Streets of Bakersfield, CA was very serene on Thanksgiving Day Weekend.  On this day, Bakersfield felt like a small town again.