Dear Psych,

It was nice knowing you today
I noticed that you have been on air since 2006
Yeah, I do wish I started tailing you since the beginning
But don’t worry, I haven’t stopped watching you yet
I have not changed the channel since I met you 🙂
I do intend to see all of you
I do remember seeing your pilot commercial
At that time, I thought that the guy in green was that fire guy from fantastic four
I didn’t know what to make out of fantastic four
Even when I find Jessica Alba hot
Even when I like the character of Michael Chiklis – Det. Vick Mackey, in “The Shield”
Come to think about
Maybe I didn’t watch you then because I was too busy catching up with “The Shield”

Which I did not get to finish and must add to my to do list!
But don’t worry psych, I will finish you first before I will finish the shield

Your Fan,