Dear Married to Rock,

I’m sorry if I initially misjudged you as:
Another Brett Michaels drama
Another I am rich envy me drama
Another I am a gold digger drama
Again, I am sorry for stereotyping you
I actually want to congratulate and thank you for defying the stereotypes
I love that you love your other halves
I love that you are actually friends with each other
And when I say friends, I meant “REAL FRIENDS”
I love that you guys actually care and love each other
Jossie Stevens you are my favorite
Jossie, although you may appear to be over ditsy, I know you are simply carefree and fun loving girl
And you are right Josie Stevens
Life shouldn’t be oh so serious all the time
Life should be fun and f*ck the haters who tries to rain on your parade 🙂
Steve Stevens I love the way you talk and care for Josie
You two are so cute and sweet together like hello kitty and badtz maru! 🙂

Stevens you are my favorite hollywood couple
Mama Etty and Susan you both rock
AJ Celi I have faith in you
I am sorry you are hurting
But pls. don’t forget that the sun in California always shines! 😀
Ladies, your show is so epic and a total phenomenon
I know you girls are fierce, strong, smart and true
Keep it real always
(I understand the business and entertainment side of the show :))