Due to my “norm defiant” personality, I admit, I missed out on many “popular tv shows.”
Such as; 1. Sex and the City 2. Desperate Housewives – pretty much it so far.
After finally watching these tv shows, I learned that I could’ve learned few things in life that could’ve saved me from some of the few mistakes that I made in life!
Of course, everything is not too late.
So, as I play catch up and caught up, I decided to start on a new popular tv show: 30 Rock.
I found the “pilot” to be very plain, common, and boring.
I was about to dismiss the show but I decided to give it another shot.
2nd episode was ok. I was able to sit through it because I can relate to Tina Fey’s character and humor.
I am now on 5th episode. So far the things that are keeping me from watching this show?:
1. 30 something humor
2. Yea, I can’t come up with another reason. That’s how interesting 30 rock is. LOL
3. Maybe I should check out “the office.” lol

To address the title: The thing that I learned from watching these tv shows?: “Most people do not have your best interest in mind.” -KBZ

-what is the state of nature of humans? Both? In this case, I think it’s because many people have been hurt. Their guards are so high. They are so fearful. As a result, they second guess themselves and subliminally make a bad decision or they’re just really bad. I supposed the state of nature of humans’ both?

-either way, I am screwed! I’ve always had it easy, thus; I am gullible.
-Learning how to be mean to survive is very difficult.

What have you learned from watching television?