Dear Past,

I am actually brain dead today
I don’t have anything to write
Yea, I did noticed you popping in and out today
I tried to ignore you because you are the past that I don’t want to remember
You are the past I want to forget
But why do you keep pushing yourself towards me today?
You will not stop until I write about you don’t you?
But I won’t because I don’t even know you
I might be wrong to think – that you might be just jealous of me
Of what I have
You shouldn’t compare yourself to me
We are of different kind
I hope you will eventually feel better about yourself – someday 🙂



6:30 – snoooozzzeee
6:45 – ok, ok I’m up.
6:45 – 7:30 = Ready!
7:30 – 9:00 = On the road to work. Northbound to Bakersfield, CA
9:00 – 12:00 = Work
12:00 – 1:00 = Lunch. For lunch today I went to food maxx on niles and purchased romaine salad, spinach, roasted chicken, triscuit and swiss chess. Yum!
1:00 – 5:00 = Work
5:30ish pm = Went to the mall. That spray truly smells GOOD! I must have it! I will not leave the mall without that spray!
My first stop was: “The Body Shop” – according to my co-worker they are located on the right hand side right next to the plug in air fresheners.
sales quasi guy: “Can I help you?”
fyibakersfield: “I’m looking for a room spray?”
sales quasi guy: “These are what we have”
fyibakersfield: “I’m looking for the ones in a tin spray container?”
sales quasi guy: “Ugh!, they are bath and body works”
Well… whatever you sales quasi dude… but thanks. Because all that matters to me is finally owning one!

2nd Stop: Bath and Body Works – I went straight to the back right hand side. Nope not here. Looked everywhere….. eeerrrgghhhh Just when I’m about to leave, I remembered the brand of the spray: “Slatkin.” Oh, look they have slatkin candles. YAY!!! I found it!!!
I present to you the best room spray created:

Oh lookie! I even got bonuses!

Their winter collections are 75% OFF! How awesome is that! I bought 2 room spray for $1.25 each and pillow spray for $2.50 Really COOL! 😀

WHAT PAST DO YOU WANT TO FORGET? (letting it out might make you feel better) 🙂

Dear Flu,

You picked a mighty find day to visit me!
Since you rarely visit me, my body opened its door to you.
I am a bit blah about it, but what can I do right?
Pls. do not get mistaken.
You are still NOT welcome.
Make your visit quick.

Dear Regret,

You make me feel bad
You make me feel sad
You make me feel iffy
You make me feel sh*tty
You even got me rhyming there for a second lol
But yes, my dear regret, I am an optimistic individual
Thus, you have to try harder
For I am well-trained in the field of forgetting
Don’t worry, I do recognize your visits – just don’t make it oh so frequent ok?
I like it when you stop by once in a while
Because you remind me of what I should and should not do next time



I have my shareS of regretS – when pegged to social norms. It is so plural that it deserves its own entry. But off top of my head I would say: “not guiding my bro.” I am a bad sister – sometimes 😦


Watching “Salt”

Either I did something wrong or wordpress won’t publish my negative “dear wordpress” entry 😕



Traveling between mines and his place, almost every weekend, makes it a little hard to keep up with my “things.” Then, I had few “things” in his place. Then, there would be times where I’m not feelin’ “fly” because the “things” I want to put on or use is in his place. To address the issue – when I’m not feelin’ lazy – like last weekend, I took most of my things back to my place. Well what do you know, my lover did not do his laundry. Thus this morning I had no other choice but to go commando. This is not the first time this happened. At this point, I am actually not comfortable going commando but I am also comfortable enough to get through the day or two commando style! lol


Dear Fear,

You scare me
You excite me
You have been pretty active lately
You drive me out of my mind
You upset my stomach
You make me eat more than I need to
You make me weak
You make me feel like I’m falling apart
I don’t know what to make out of you
But it is nice meeting you
You make my life challenging and exciting
You most definitely keep me up on my toes
Until our next encounter



Darkness is my greatest fear – borderline nyctophobic. Sometimes when I am really angry I would hide in the closet – facing my greatest fear the mass of chess (masochist) way. lol

Dear Married to Rock,

I’m sorry if I initially misjudged you as:
Another Brett Michaels drama
Another I am rich envy me drama
Another I am a gold digger drama
Again, I am sorry for stereotyping you
I actually want to congratulate and thank you for defying the stereotypes
I love that you love your other halves
I love that you are actually friends with each other
And when I say friends, I meant “REAL FRIENDS”
I love that you guys actually care and love each other
Jossie Stevens you are my favorite
Jossie, although you may appear to be over ditsy, I know you are simply carefree and fun loving girl
And you are right Josie Stevens
Life shouldn’t be oh so serious all the time
Life should be fun and f*ck the haters who tries to rain on your parade 🙂
Steve Stevens I love the way you talk and care for Josie
You two are so cute and sweet together like hello kitty and badtz maru! 🙂

Stevens you are my favorite hollywood couple
Mama Etty and Susan you both rock
AJ Celi I have faith in you
I am sorry you are hurting
But pls. don’t forget that the sun in California always shines! 😀
Ladies, your show is so epic and a total phenomenon
I know you girls are fierce, strong, smart and true
Keep it real always
(I understand the business and entertainment side of the show :))